Masvis cake

Ingredients for cake:
3 eggs
3 tablespoons hot water
15 grams of sugar
1 vanilla sugar
10 ounces flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
5 g starch flour
2 tablespoons cocoa.

Mix the eggs and warm water until the mixture frothy. Mix sugar and vanilla sugar and add to the mixture and mix everything together. Mix flour with baking powder, cornstarch, cocoa and mix. Bake the cake  at about 200C for 10 minutes. Allow cake to cool.

1/2 or 1 jar of sour cherry compote -  I only put half and my family complained that they miss the  cherries
1 dl of juice from canned cherries
1 packet or 6 sheets of gelatin bright
25 ounces mascarpone
7 tablespoons sugar
1 vanilla sugar
2-2.5 dl chilled cream.

 For the decoration:
grated bittersweet chocolate.
Cherries, drained and 1 dl of cherry juice separate. Gelatin soaked according to packet instructions (just soak without heating or melting). Mascarpone mixed with 7 tablespoons sugar and vanilla sugar. In 1 dl of warm juice dissolve gelatin. In the melted gelatin mix 4 tablespoons of sweetened mascarpone. Then the mixture blend into the rest of sweetened mascarpone. Beat cream. When the filling of mascarpone and gelatine stiffs mix cream. Biscuit soak with juice of cherries and cause the cherry on the cake. The mix of mascarpone, cream and gelatine applied to the biscuit sprinkled with cherries. Leave in refrigerator to chill for 2 hours. Before serving sprinkle grated bitter chocolate.

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