Meat loaf with cheese and with stuffed potatoes

Seasoned potatoes (salt, pepper, Vegeta) with some oil put in the oven to 200C hour.

Meanwhile, knead and bake a meat loaf.
Meat loaf knead of 400g of minced meat, one egg, 2 tablespoons bread crumbs, parsley and a little salt, pepper, Vegeta. When all ingredients are flour and roll rates, and the environment allocate little Gaude, not too much to not get out of the loaf during baking.
After an hour remove the potatoes from the oven, absorbing it with a spoon as a cart. Potatoes that are mixed with pieces of cut parmesan and cream mixture and fill the hollow potatoes. Potatoes back in oven to brown the mixture. Potatoes in serving sprinkle with parsley.

Recept na hrvatskom: Mesna štruca sa sirom i punjeni krumpiri


  1. Nedavno je mama po prvi put pravila punjeni krompir i odusevili smo se! Odlicno!!! :)


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