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''Nutella drink''

HowI loveNutella, I decidedmake a warm drinkofNutella.
In400 mlof milkdissolve3-4 tablespoonsNutella. WhenNutellameltsin the milkpoured intoa glassand addwhipped cream.
It istoo fineandwill keep youwarm.

Recept na hrvatskom: Nutella napitak

Meat loaf with cheese and with stuffed potatoes

Seasoned potatoes(salt, pepper, Vegeta) with some oil putinthe oven to200Chour.

Meanwhile,kneadandbake ameat loaf.
Meatloafknead of 400gofmincedmeat, one egg, 2 tablespoonsbreadcrumbs, parsleyand a littlesalt, pepper, Vegeta. When allingredients areflour androllrates, and theenvironmentallocatelittleGaude, not too muchto not get outof theloafduring baking.
Afteran hourremove thepotatoesfrom the oven, absorbing itwith a spoonas acart. Potatoesthat aremixedwith pieces ofcutparmesanand creammixtureandfillthehollowpotatoes. Potatoesbackinoven tobrownthe mixture. Potatoesinservingsprinklewith parsley.

Recept na hrvatskom: Mesna štruca sa sirom i punjeni krumpiri


-1Baking powder
-oil for frying
-powdered sugar for sprinkling.

Mixsugarwithvanilla sugarand addan egg. Mixflourwithbaking powderadd tothe mixtureand mixandthenadd milk. Ifthe mixture is raremixture,addmore flour. Oilheatand in hot oilputa smallspoon of the mixturetoscorch. Should beplenty of oil, because iffrittersare ''on air'' willcomefrom theairholesand will beflat. When thefrittersget agoldenbrownremovethem in a bowlwith paperto absorbfat.Sprinklethemwith powdered sugar.
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