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Chicken and Potatoes

Asimplerecipefor chickenand potatoes, and yeta little differentfromregularfriedchicken andFrench fries.
Salt and papper chicken,then dipped in flour, then in egg andsesame seedsandfry in oil.Potatoescut theminto roundsand also fry in  oillikefrench fries. When thepotatoeswere donesaltthem andstrewnwith freshpepperpowder. Servedwithmayonnaise mixed witha littlechilipepperpowder.

Recept na hrvatskom: Piletina i krumpir

Orange muffins

Ingredients:20 dagflour
1 packof powderfor thevanilla pudding
3 teaspoons of baking powder
15g of sugar
1 vanillasugar
3 eggs
2 oranges

Grate thecrust of one orange, and clear the orange fromresidualpeeland whitemembraneso that it remainsonlythe orangepart of themeat. Squeeze the secondorange. Cook themeatportionwith2 tablespoonssugarand 3tablespoons squeezed orangejuice. Whencookedallow to cool.

For themuffinsmixtogetherthe ingredients: flour, baking powder, vanilla pudding, baking powder, sugar, vanillasugar,softenedbutter, andeggs.Then addthe remainingorange juice and crust of one orange andmixtogether.Pourbatterintomuffinmoldsand bake at180Cfor about 25 minutes. When themuffinsarebakedlet themcool.

Once themuffinscoolthrashthan 200dclwhippedcreamandadd thecookedmeatof theorange.
Muffingarnishwith a mixture ofcream andorange.

Recept na hrvatskom: Muffini od naranče

Proposal for a weekly meal: Nachos de pollo

Ingredients for two persons:4tortillas
4 redpeppers
4 greenpeppers
1 cancorn
400-500 gof chicken
200 gof cheese
a littlehot pepper.
Tortillascut intotrianglesand bakein preheatedoven at150 Cfor about 10minutes.Meanwhile,cutchickeninto cubesandpepperandbakeina little oil. Addhot peppersand corn. Tortillatrianglesarranged inabasket andsortthemparpikemixtureand chicken. Sprinklewith gratedcheeseand bakein ovenuntil cheesemelts.

Recipe in Croatian: Nachos de pollo.

My second blog and my first post :)

This ismy secondamateurishcooking blog.My firstblogonCroatian language is liketo followrecipeson blogsin English,I decided towriteablogin English.Here I willpublishrecipesin English.My Englishis not the best,but I hopeit willbe understandable.